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Crypto Count Ireland

Your Trusted Crypto Accountants in Ireland

Are you trading or earning in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in Ireland?

If so, CryptoCount can help. We specialise specifically in managing taxation for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, and can help you navigate the often challenging area of  tax laws in Ireland.

If you want to ensure that your cryptocurrency taxes in Ireland are handled accurately, professionally, and in a timely manner, click the button below to book a free introductory call.

Meet the owner:

Ciarán Doyle- Accountant, Tax Advisor & Author 

With over 25 years experience in both accounting and taxation, working in both Ireland and overseas, Ciarán developed an interest in the growing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market almost a decade ago when he took on his first clients in the crypto space. Combining his knowledge of accountancy, taxation and cryptocurrency, he launched Crypto Count as a dedicated crypto tax compliance service to help Irish people who trade or earn crypto manage their tax affairs and ensure full compliance with Revenue Commissioners.

Ciarán is also the co-author of the Irish Crypto Tax Guide on Koinly, a very popular crypto tax software.  Taxation can be a very daunting challenge, and we aim to help you navigate the challenges of ensuring that you file accurate tax returns and pay the correct amount of tax each year, thus avoiding interest and penalties for non-compliance.

Our Services

We Offer

Tax Consultancy and Compliance Services for Individuals

Our services encompass tax planning and the preparation of tax returns (CG1 and Form 11) for residents of Ireland, specifically designed for traders, investors, and digital asset enthusiasts. If you have been trading Bitcoin, Crypto, or NFTs, we can prepare and file the required tax forms with the Revenue Commissioners, thus giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you have met all of your tax obligations.

Accounting services for Bitcoin/Crypto Native Businesses

Our firm offers a suite of specialised services tailored for Bitcoin and crypto-native businesses, day traders, and NFT creators operating within Ireland. This comprehensive package includes meticulous bookkeeping and accounts production, timely submission of annual returns to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and the Revenue Commissioners, thorough VAT reporting and filing, and efficient payroll management. Our expertise ensures seamless financial operations for those immersed in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

 Accounting services for Non Bitcoin/Crypto Native Businesses

We extend our expertise to non-crypto-native businesses that are integrating Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies into their operations. Whether your business accepts Bitcoin or crypto payments, compensates employees in Bitcoin, or is contemplating adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet, our team provides robust support.

Crypto Count Ireland

We pride ourselves on our leadership in providing specialised tax advisory and accounting services for the Bitcoin and blockchain sectors in Ireland. Our commitment to this community is demonstrated by our acceptance of payments in Bitcoin, Crypto, and Euro. For further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Testimonials (7).png

Adam, Co. Dublin


“It’s both time-saving and refreshing working with a person who is knowledgeable in emerging technologies and can allow you to focus on running your business. Highly recommended.” (7).png

Alex, Co. Wexford 

"I am writing to you on behalf of Ciarán Doyle to give my experience and thoughts on working with him. Having worked closely with Ciarán Doyle on filing Tax reports for Crypto related transactions, I can say my experience with him has been overall great. I can attest to his professionalism, skills and
dedication to the customer during my experience working with him. (7).png

Gina, Co. Meath

"I have been using crypto tax services for the last two years and am so grateful to Ciarán for helping me to navigate what I see as a minefield, when it comes to my tax liability. He has been an absolute font of knowledge and has made the whole process seamless and reassuring. I am confident that my tax affairs are fully compliant with the current laws and can rest easy in that knowledge. Thanks Ciarán."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?
The price charged depends on whether we are filing Capital Gains Returns, Income Tax Returns, or both. All fees are agreed in advance so there are no surprises. In addition, we cover the cost of Crypto Tax calculation software, so there is no separate charge for this, as is usually the case.

When do I have to file?
There are payment and filing deadlines for both Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax and we can clarify all of this for you on our first call.

What sets Crypto Count apart from other accounting firms?
Firstly, we have been dealing with clients working in Bitcoin and crypto since 2017, so I'm well versed in the challenges and dangers of the crypto space. I am a member of both the Dublin Bitcoin Network, and also the Bitcoin Ireland Network so I am an active member of the community. Finally, as a Chartered Management Accountant and member of the Irish Tax Institute  with over 25 years’ experience in filing tax returns, you can be sure that your tax affairs are in the hands of an experienced professional.

Can you do everything for me?
Yes, we look after the entire process from start to finish. You simply connect your exchanges and wallets to our preferred software, giving read-only access, and Crypto Count takes care of the rest. We classify your earnings as Income or Capital Gains for each tax year, and ensure that everything is properly accounted for. We use this information to prepare the forms required by the Revenue Commissioners, and after you have had the opportunity to review them, we file with Revenue, thus completing the process.

Have you filed many tax returns for crypto traders?
Yes, I have been filing both Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax Returns for Bitcoin and Crypto traders since 2020. The number is constantly increasing, as people realise that we look after everything for a fair and reasonable fee, which is also tax deductible!


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